Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in Pictures {'Instagram'ized}

I know I am three days late for this, but better late than never, right?

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

For the last two years we've been hearing about the world {possibly} coming to an end this year. So let's make it a year where we live our lives to the fullest! Do everything that we've ever dreamed of doing so that in the event that the world does come to an end {not that I believe that it will because Kaliyuga has thousands and thousands of more years to go. But who said you have to wait for the world to end to achieve what you want, right?} we would have fulfilled most of our dreams. Let 2012 be the year of achievement and accomplishment.

This year, I've decided not to do a detailed review of the year on my blog because there's a lot of unwanted attention that I've been getting for quite sometime. Since the review wouldn't interest any of you anyway, why bother you guys? So here's a fun {maybe, maybe not} way of summarising the entire year that went by, in PICTURES!!! Yay!!!

I know I did this last year as well, but there are a few things different this year:

1. I don't necessarily have just one picture for every month! 
{which means this is a very picture heavy post!! So be forewarned!}

2. I have 'Instagram'ized the pictures. Let me explain what this is.

Instagram is this really cool app for iOS users and it lets you transform your pictures using various filters. So these photos that were clicked normally are now modified using the app. Yenjai! :)

My friend Malika and I at Kanchan's engagement!
The coffee Sandeep and I had at Barista to celebrate his results!! Yay!! :)

My stuffed toy Matt, with my new iPhone!! Well, not the iPhone because I clicked the picture on my phone, but just the box!!

With my little nephew, Nivedh. He's not really my nephew, he's my friend's nephew. But she's like a sister to me, so that kinda makes him my nephew too. :D

The guys doing the 'YMCA' on Amit's birthday!!!

My grandfather's 77th birthday (that coincided with India winning the World Cup.. so it was a double celebration!!) cake... Yummm!!!

Sandeep, Omkar and I on my birthday this year!!! :)

There's nothing great about me having breakfast, but this picture exists because a certain someone wanted a picture of me that very moment! And we all know who that is!! :)

Rudransh and I during one of my visit to my Grandma's!

With my mommy while I was in the hospital for para typhoid and dengue!! Yes.. I had both, at the same time!! But I was all smiles, and not just for the camera. :D

Another picture of little Nivu, four months older than the previous picture, more playful and oh so mischievous!!

My new shoes... Looked lovely when I bought them, seemed fine when I tried 'em out, bit my toes to death an hour after I wore them, haven't worn them since then. But it makes for a great picture, doesn't it?? :P

Vishal, Sandeep, Amit and I on Friendship Day!! 

All of us with Jay's mom.

Nivu's first birthday cake!!!

That time when I splurged on craft supplies. In the picture you can see my Fiskar's paper trimmer, 12 Tim Holtz Distress Inks, variety of patterned papers, card stock, Crafter's companion multi scor board and enveloper!! Ah!!! I was sooooo excited that day!!! Thanks a lot for this Karuna (a.k.a The Crafting Queen!!)

A close up of my Distress inks and blending tool. That's the Grace Taylor paper pack in the background and a Color Box pigment ink pad on the top left under the paper pack!! :D

With MK Gandhi's wax statue at the Wax Museum in Lonavala.

I can't get enough of my craft stuff. At one point, I ran out of places to store them. So here we have all my inks (distress, dye and watermark) the blending tool and foams, and the acrylic blocks on a table. The rest of the stuff is strewn all over my bed.

See what I mean?? So there's all the stuff I mentioned before and some more that's taking up all of the space on my bed. And poor Matt didn't even have a decent place to sit. :(

L-R - Aditya, Vishal, Meeee, Sandeep and Amit on Vishal's 25th!!!

With the Kamath boys during the Diwali weekend at The Coffee Bean  & Tea Leaf at Nariman Point after watching Himmesh's 'Damadam'!!! 


With awesome Mehendi on both my hands for probably the first time in my life. Thanks Kanchan!!! :D

The ice-creams Sandeep and I had to celebrate our second anniversary!! 

Happy Happy at McDonalds!
My achievement for 2011 - Winning NaNoWriMo!!! Yayyyy!! I'll pat myself on the back on your behalf. Haha.. :)

A closer look! I will never forget this!!

All decked up for a dinner party before Priyanka's wedding.

With the bride-to-be! :)

At Tirumala in Tirupati Devasthanam where Priyanka got married. This was just before we reached the venue to 'Dress up'  :)

Still at Tirumala hills with Padmaja, Kanchan and Mukesh.
{I have given him the credit for the photo in spite of him being in it because it was clicked on his camera.}

Kanchan {the most recent bride} and I at Priyanka's wedding.. :)

Pappa and Amma on Karthikai Deepam.

Decked up to attend another friend's wedding reception. Seems like the whole world got married in 2011!!!
And now a few pictures clicked just to share on Instagram!
A plate with pot pourri and a decorative candle at my grandma's.

The neighbours' Christmas tree!!!

Amit, Vishal and I at a shop!

Anyway, that's what 2011 was all about. Will talk about 2012, it's experiences and experiments in upcoming posts!!

Till then, ciao! And Happy New Year once again!!